December 7, 2009

Low Tide, Evening

acrylic on canvas  10x12 inches
email me for price

A quiet Pacific Northwest evening


kim Blair said...

Hi David:
Love the warm intense colours in this landscape!
Nice work.

Sherry said...

Evening is the period in which the daylight is decreasing, between the late afternoon and night, around the time when dinner is taken. Though the term is subjective, evening is typically understood to begin before sunset, during the close of the standard business day (about 6 pm) – and extend until dusk, the beginning of night. Evening thus spans the period of twilight, but begins before it and depending on definition may extend past its end. This places "evening" typically between 5pm and 7pm during most of the year.

In the rural American South, "evening" is often used to describe the entire late afternoon, especially when the main meal of the day, dinner, is taken in the early afternoon; evening is thus anytime after dinner.
(cissp training)